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Working Big Texas tonight! Can’t you tell I’m excited? And I’m thinking I might take a little bit more off of my hair.
The baby boy did great on his first outing today! He also now has a name… :)
The parents brought back 8 lbs of this heavenly goodness. It smells amazing!
I know I’ve posted about a million photos of these guys lately, but I don’t even care. I’m probably the most annoying Snapchatter lately, lol. I love my boys! :)
This little chubster is killing me! How cute is he?
The little guy I rescued (very) late last night. Isn’t he precious?
Umm, excuse me while I fangirl.
Gosh, I love his goofy face. ♡
Hot date tonight. ;)
Can I have a second #MCM this week? Not sure who rescued who in this relationship.

Had so much fun seeing Maroon 5 tonight! Was wondering what the heck I was thinking going to a concert when I have to be at work at 3am tomorrow, but then there was Adam with his beard, tattoos, and beautiful voice. :) #iregretnothing
Thanks for all your years here in Houston, and all that you’ve done with your foundation. Best of luck to you in the future. God bless!

Home earlier than expected and feeling a cold coming on. Who’s bringing me some chicken noodle soup?