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Battle Red Ladies Happy Hour at the @texansgrille tonight.
Happy Easter everyone! (at Woodridge Baptist Church)
Curly hair for Easter. :)
Working Big Texas tonight! Can’t you tell I’m excited? And I’m thinking I might take a little bit more off of my hair.
The baby boy did great on his first outing today! He also now has a name… :)
The parents brought back 8 lbs of this heavenly goodness. It smells amazing!
I know I’ve posted about a million photos of these guys lately, but I don’t even care. I’m probably the most annoying Snapchatter lately, lol. I love my boys! :)
This little chubster is killing me! How cute is he?
The little guy I rescued (very) late last night. Isn’t he precious?
Umm, excuse me while I fangirl.
Gosh, I love his goofy face. ♡
Hot date tonight. ;)
Can I have a second #MCM this week? Not sure who rescued who in this relationship.

Had so much fun seeing Maroon 5 tonight! Was wondering what the heck I was thinking going to a concert when I have to be at work at 3am tomorrow, but then there was Adam with his beard, tattoos, and beautiful voice. :) #iregretnothing