Stephanie. 22 years-old. Dreamer. Mass communication student at SHSU. Sports fan. Film aficionado. Hopeless romantic. Aspiring writer. Listener of cheesy pop music. Professional procrastinator.1 Corinthians 13:4-7 ♥
Too much of my heart is in it to quit. Gotta keep going!
Something a little more flattering after that monstrosity of a photo from yesterday. #TexansFriday
Storage cuddles. #work
Texans Radio is in Sugar Land with Randy Bullock and Jon Weeks this morning.  (at Verizon Wireless)
So much awkward! I love it. #NewGirl
As soon as I realize I’m comfortable, I also realize that I’m bored. We were made for progress - get uncomfortable! #neversatisfied
Not sure I’ll ever find “comfortable.
NFL Network’s newest analysts: me and @gwade05. :) (at NRG Stadium)
Thursday Night Football this week! If you’re coming out, wear your pink in support of Pink Ribbon Day!  (at NRG Stadium)
Laughed on my way to work when I realized my top three actor crushes are the villains in superhero movies. Whoops.
Oh, Paolo. ♡
I’ve been waiting so long for this! Bring on Paolo! :) (at Warehouse Live)
I’m armed with coffee and a bad manicure. Look out world! ;)  (at Home :))
As I was battling with an inflatable that didn’t want to inflate properly this afternoon, I was reminded of how  lucky I am to be here. A visitor to the stadium joked that I looked like I was having tons of fun. I laughed and joked that inflatables are always fun. He replied back with, “look at it this way: you’re the only person who gets to call this normal.” It’s so true. All of the opportunities I’ve had, all of the experience I’m gaining, and all of the awesome things that other fans dream of doing are things that I get to do every day. Truly blessed. #ThanksJesus
Costume day at work!  Our theme was western, in case that’s not obvious.  (at NRG Park)